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Our Hotel Royal Inka Pisac, has 3 convention centers, unique in Pisac.

*First Level Auditorium, with capacity for 200 people.

*Second-level auditorium with capacity for 50 people.

*Third-level auditorium with capacity for 150 people.

All auditoriums have Projector Ecram, Sound and the Internet.


Royal Inka Pisac is one of the wonders of the Sacred Valley. Built in the sixteenth century, was the farmhouse of the Figueroa family, which also built at that time the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen, giving Cultural Religious value to our property , retaining the original buildings in different wings of our hotel.

The legacy left by the Incas in Pisac, is worthy of admiration in all its glory. Pisac is one of the three strategic points that the Incas left us, all of them aligned to the South .. These monumental ruins creating an atmosphere of peace that leads to meditation and tranquility. The Royal Inka Pisac is only 35 minutes from the city of Cusco.

Our hotel Royal Inka Pisac, has a private club to which passengers can enter and enjoy our indoor pool, tennis courts, racquetball, soccer, volleyball, bungalows, restaurant, trout farm, basketball, and also can enjoy our Champion Soccer Team Sub Sub 13 , sponsored by Mr. Efrain Aller.


Carretera Pisac – Ruinas

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