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Our hotels are a true reflection of the visionary Don Efrain Aller, who has designed our hotels in all aspects, protecting the original architecture of each of our homes, where they can find details dating from the sixteenth century to contemporary.

Royal Inka I and Royal Inka II, are located in Cusco City and Royal Inka Pisac,Sacred Valley is located in the town of Pisac,The staff of the Royal Inka Hotels, wish you a wonderful stay.


The Royal Inka Hotels, founded by visionary entrepreneur Don Efrain Aller, are aimed at providing the best service, understanding the different cultures of the passengers who visit us, our staff is ready to communicate in several languages, allowing for excellent communication when you visit our hotels, where you take a wonderful reminder of your visit to the Imperial City of Cusco.


Machu Pichu Day Tour

Machu Picchu Day Tour Leave hotel for train station at 5:30am (transfers are included) Depart Cuzco for Machu Picchu...

HIdden Inka Tours

Hidden Inka Tour Leave hotel at 8:30am Sites visited on this tour are: Moray (Inka Agricultural site) & Mara...

Sacred Valley Tours

Sacred Valley Tour Leave hotel at 8:30am Sites visited on this tour are: Pisaq market, Ollantaytambo ruins and Chinchero...


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Many tourists visit Machu Picchu by Friday

“Hotel Royal Inka Pisac” invites us to spend an unforgettable celebration of New Year …! Make your reservations already...


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